In New York City, space is at a premium. This means that parking spaces in Manhattan should be as efficient as possible to maintain a “low” price. So when I saw an automated parking system called Automotion recently, I had to take a video.

According to the official website, the way it works is:

Park, Swipe, Leave…it’s that simple. Those three steps are all a driver needs to do when parking a car in an Automotion Parking Systems lot. After that, the automatic parking system takes over. Integrating the latest in laser and computer technology with conventional elevator components, Automotion Parking Systems offers a parking solution that eliminates most of the hassles of conventional parking and doubles, sometimes triples the capacity of similarly sized conventional garages.

But is the system worth it? The elevator space is unused, and there’s also a theoretically higher maintenance and capital cost to install as well. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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