Who’s this Pigeon Master in Park?

This is the pigeon master of New York City. He can summon pigeons at will, and control them with mere gestures of his hands. They dare not poop on the Pigeon Master, for he will come for them in their hour of need!

Help End Racism Video – Vote Republican

Affirmative action (known as employment equity in Canada, reservation in India and Nepal, and positive discrimination in the UK) is the policy of favoring members of a disadvantaged group. But it’s racist! Why should the under-qualified son of a black doctor displace the qualified daughter of a Vietnamese boat refugee? See the video below on …

Are these performers racist? What if roles were reversed?

Street performers single out men from one ethnic background. The performers make fun of these men based on their ethnic background, and make them bend over and act silly while the crowd laughs at them. These performers then ask the men for money, shaming them if they refuse to pay. Are the performers racist? Now …

Next Date – newest dating site to hit the market is a new dating site in a sea of dating sites. What makes Next Date different from the spam that plagues most dating site is that it plans on using an advanced matching algorithm that helps match users, preventing the need for endless back and forth messages before users are comfortable meeting up. It …

5 Guys You Meet in Business School (PROMO TRAILER)

Thanks for watching my amateur Youtube video skit. It’s about the five types of guys you tend to meet in business school. The version shown here is one type, and the full video with all 5 types will be released on Youtube once I finish editing it (I’m a newb at editing software like Adobe …

Cleanest Airport Toilet in America?

Everyone fears the dirty public toilet. Airports are high traffic areas with lots of people coming in and out, and naturally after a long flight, people want to use the restroom. But worry not, in this Chicago Airport, the toilet seat at least is always clean 🙂

Automated Parking System in New York City

In New York City, space is at a premium. This means that parking spaces in Manhattan should be as efficient as possible to maintain a “low” price. So when I saw an automated parking system called Automotion recently, I had to take a video. According to the official website, the way it works is: Park, …

Tutorial – Financial Valuation Methods Overview

Introduction to Valuation Methods – DCF, public comparables, precedent transaction analysis Part of Finance and Investment Banking crash course Additional courses coming on: -discounted cash flow DCF analysis -public comparable company analysis -precedent transaction analysis -LBO analysis (based on demand) Actuarial Science resume advice: Actuarial Ninja – Actuarial Science Tutorials

Crazy flexible dancers on the BART Train

Crazy flexible dancers on the BART Train. It gets crazier once they start swinging from the bars! I was on a BART train in the San Francisco Bay Area. These flexible guys just got on, announced a show, and started dancing with crazy body flexibility